Shiny Little Dream & Ballerinas for NearMe/Hana

A add-on for Little Dream Dress for NearMe & Hana and Ballerinas by karanta.
Also texture for NearMe panties, Wrist and Nail colors for NearMe and Hana.

And a small Bonus... texture for Dress and Ballerinas to suit my Tinzel character.
you find Tinzel in my store HER

You get:
* 16 mat for Little Dream Dress + 5 Bonus mat
* 8 mat for Little Dream Dress Bow
* 16 mat for Ballerinas + 5 bonus mat
* 8 mat for Ballerinas Bow
* 8 mat for NearMe Nails
* 8 mat for Hana Nails
* 19 mat for NearMe Panties
* 8 mat for NearMe Wrist

* 2 Promo lights + 2 new Tinzel lights

* 10 texture for dress and ballerians
* 2 reflections for dress and ballerinas
* 1 bum map for ballerians

Needed files:
* Ballerinas by karanta
Little Dream for NearMe and Hana by karanta
NearMe by e frontier

These are only necessary if you want to use nail-color for Hana
Hana by Smith Micro

System Requirements:
* Poser 6 and above

Get Shiny Little Dream & Ballerinas for NearMe/Hana at...
* Contentparadise

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