Diddan K4

May I introduce Diddan for K4 -Morphlet.

She is approx. 7 years and loves to play princess and fine lady, she has her very own kids makup with fine long ''plastic nails'' in many colors and lipsticks and eye shadows and whatever else belongs to a nice lady/prinsess makup.

She also have some beautiful flowers jewelry to play with, there are both bracelets, rings, earrings, necklace, hair pins, hair bands.

Diddan Includes:

     Pose INJ/REM & MAT:
     1 head INJ & REM
     1 body INJ & REM
     1 full body mat
     1 lip gloss
     2 face makup, with and witout lipgloss
     10 nail color
     3 nail length & 1 reset
     2 lashes
     5 eye color
     5 K4 poses & 1 reset
     20 Diddan -expression & 1 Diddan -reset
     13 Jewelry props:
     4 rings (right/left index + ring finger)
     1 necklace
     2 earrings
     2 bracelets
     2 hairpins
     1 headband
     1 hairband
     2 promo lights

Needed Files:
     The Kids 4 Morphs++ by DAZ
     Morphlet by Capsces Digital Ink

System Requirements:
     Poser 7 and above

Get Diddan K4 at...
     * Renderosity

Headband and Hairband have some morphs so you can fit them to most hairstyles.


  1. Anonymous10.11.11

    How cute she is!

  2. Anonymous27.1.16

    So cute! I'm glad I got to pick this up before it was gone. I hate Rendo's clearance policy! So many products that I've gone back to buy have been removed. I've recently developed a love for K4, but I'm finding that clothes for her are disappearing.


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